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36k Abbreviations for chemists .
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single-source precursor (SSP)

solid state polymerization (SSP)

serine synthetic pathway (SSP)

supramolecular star polymer (SSP)

solid state pyrolysis (SSP)

solid-state polycondensation (SSP)

size selective precipitation (SSP)

scribing seeding plating (SSP)

seed shell powder (SSP)

shared socioeconomic pathway (SSP)


Society for Science and the Public (SSP)

stable states picture (SSP)

Solid State Physics (SSP)

List of categolized abbreviations.
IOC Country Codes (XXX): GBR, JPN, USA, ...
Name Reactions: Sonogashira, Dickmann, Wittig, ...
Amino Acids (X): G, A, L, ...
Amino Acids (Xxx): Gly, Ala, Leu, ...
Analyses: GC, NMR, AFM, ...
Common Solvents: DMF, THF, DME, ...
Major Journals for Chemists: JACS, JOC, EUOJ, ...
Phosphines: dppe, BINAP, Xantphos, ...
Cations: BMIM, TBA, MTOA, …
Anions: TTA, Cp, btc, …
Organic Groups: Me, Ph, Mes, ...
Protecting Groups: Bn, Fmoc, TBDMS, ...
Silane Coupling Agents: TEOS, APTES, VTMOS, ...

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Newly added
(1) EWF
(2) WJRP
(3) CSD
(4) PLII
(5) FPM
(6) NNEA
(7) EFA
(8) DAC
(9) TDAC