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34k Abbreviations for chemists (brows the MOBILE EDITION) .
Our website provides description, links to Wikipedia and official website, ChemDraw files, and 3D molecular structure files for CE.

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coulombic efficiency (CE)

current efficiency (CE)

cerium (Ce)

counter electrode (CE)

crown ether (CE)

chemical etching (CE)

capillary electrophoresis (CE)

coloration efficiency (CE)

cell encapsulation (CE)

carbon efficiency (CE)


capillary electrochromatography (CE)

coulomb efficiency (CE)

cyanoethyl (CE)

conventional extraction (CE)

Clark electrode (CE)

cholesterol esterase (CE)

resonating generalized valence bond method (RGVB)

conventional electric (CE)

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(2) AST
(3) ATO
(4) CTKA
(5) ISR
(6) LTP
(7) MPS
(8) LAP
(9) ESA